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Rates & Fees

All of our rates and fees can be found on the Our Price List page of the website. Please note price doesn’t always reflect the finial payment, as matting fees can apply, the team will let you know the price before you leave.


We accept EFTPOS, ZIPPAY and AFTERPAY.  Payments to be made directly at the time of collection.

Hair Tangles and Mats

I understand that if my pet’s hair is matted, Friends with Fur will attempt to contact you, or discuss at drop off, an additional charge of $15 -$30 will be added to the base grooming fee quoted.
Should my pet’s coat be severely matted, I am aware of the risks involved with shaving my pet as short as necessary to remove those mats, which could include skin irritation, minor nicks and stress. I will release Friends with Fur from any and all responsibility resulting from stripping my matted pet.


Although we do not do refunds, if you are unhappy with the service you received, we ask you speak with the Owner of the business to discuss alternative options.

Business Hours

We provide our services Monday to Friday from 8am -2:30pm, in some instance we operate on the last dog appointment, if we have no further bookings for the afternoon we will close early, the team will provide you with this information on the day.

Service Quality Guarantee

I understand that if the grooming service is deemed unsatisfactory, notification must be given to Friends with Fur within 24 hours of my pet’s grooming appointment so appropriate changes can be made. Any minor changes can be made within 48 hours of the initial groom.

Before posting any negative comments regarding your pets grooming on any social media platforms this has been discussed first with Friends with Fur, if a resolution has not been satisfactory then you have the rights to comment on any social platform.


Cancellations for day appointments can be done via text message you would have received via reminder of your appointment. We require at least 24 hours notice.

Late Fees and No-Show Charges

I understand that if my pet is not picked up on time, day care fees will apply $10 per hour, or charged (up to a maximum of a full daycare fee).
I understand that if I do not attend my grooming appointment as scheduled, or if I cancel my appointment without 24 hours prior notice, any future service may not be accepted.

Oral Care and Teeth Brushing

I understand that Oral Care and Teeth Brushing services performed by Friends with Fur is for cosmetic purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for veterinarian care or advice. Friends with Fur recommends that all pet owners, make proper dental hygiene care part of their pet’s regular routine and to have their pet’s teeth and gums checked out by a qualified veterinarian on an annual basis.

Photography rights

I understand Friends with Fur may take photos and/or videos of my pet from time to time during his/her stay and may post these photos onto Friends with Fur’s website and other forms of social media.

Medical Claims

Friends with Fur must be notified within 48 hours of my pet’s initial groom of any claims regarding compensation for medical attention given as a result of alleged negligence or injury by Friends with Fur staff. A letter from a registered veterinarian may be required.


We respect your privacy and will never share your information with any third party. Nor will we send you unsolicited email.
Shop 1/1177 Wynnum Road Cannon Hill QLD 4170
07 3393 9351
Monday to Friday 8am-2:30pm (or by appointment ) (Saturday's by appointment only)