How to trim your dog’s nails

When the nail grows so does the quick! 1. Nails When your dogs nail grows, so does the quick, some dogs quick is far too close to the nerve and will bleed. Trimming your dogs nails more regular, will help the quick to recede over time, and allow more of the nail to be trimmed....

The Importance Of Grooming Your Pet In Winter!

Contrary to people’s views dogs don’t need to be groomed in the winter. Many people feel dogs don’t get dirty enough in winter to require a bath or grooming, but in reality, frequent grooming in winter is important if not more than summer to sustain a healthy coat and more importantly avoid any matting. Consider...

Double Coated Dogs

As a professional dog groomer, there are a large number of double coated breeds. We meet many dog owners asking if their dog coat is too long or too hot for them, and if we can shave or clip them. Dogs do not cool down like humans, and clipping or shaving them brings more harm...

Someone once told me “Grooming is Fun and Easy”

I was told today that grooming is easy and not a real job. Think about this, grooming is a craft, it takes hours of training to just start our grooming path, and takes continual education to grow our talent. Love of Grooming It takes sweat, blood and tears. It can causes pain, sore back and...

How to select the right Grooming Salon

How to select the right Grooming Salon for your best friend ?As paw parents, we know nothing but the best for your family member, so how do you go about making sure you have chosen the right grooming salon. Here are 5 tips to ensure you have chosen the right salon, and why Friends with...

A Dog Groomers Day!

NewsA Dog Groomers Day!

September 28, 2018

Dog groomers make your pet look and feel great! They are experts in their craft with exceptional knowledge on how to manage your precious pooches from bathing and coat trims to blow-drying and nail clipping. Groomers work hard to deliver general skin and healthcare solutions for your pets no matter how big or small. To...

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