Friends With Fur | Grooming
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Dog Grooming in Brisbane Southside

Is your dog’s coat in need of a little maintenance? Without proper care your pet can suffer with fur matting, bad odour, excessive shedding and debris getting stuck to their skin.

With professional grooming you can ensure your furry friend is always clean, comfortable and happy. Not to mention the benefits you receive by having a cleaner household and pretty smelling pooch!

At Friend with Fur we pride ourselves on providing professional, caring and express dog grooming services for all pooches – from puppies to adults, big or small, timid or outgoing.

Simply contact our experienced Brisbane pet stylists about your requirements and we will ensure we discuss the right groom for your needs 3393 9351.

dog grooming brisbane southside

Puppy Groom

We can provide a price based on size and age

  • Express Wash
  • Trim around eyes and face
  • Trim under and around the feet
  • Tidy up belly and bottom<
  • For puppies up to 16 weeks of age

Bath and Blow Dry

Warm bath, 100% premium shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, includes, light brush, nails clipped.

  • Small from $40
  • Medium from $50
  • Large and Ex-Large from $55-$65

Bath and Tidy

Warm bath, 100% premium shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, face, feet and sanitary areas trimmed includes brush out and nails trimmed.

  • Small from $60
  • Medium from $75
  • Large from $95
  • Ex-Large from $110

Bath and Full Groom

Warm bath, 100% premium shampoo and conditioner, blow dry, full body clip, nails trimmed and filed.

  • Small from $75
  • Medium from $85
  • Large from $105
  • Ex-Large from $120

Easily book an appointment online today for your pooch

Double Coat Groom

Warm bath and blow dry, includes desheading shampoo and conditioner, brush out undercoat, nails trim, feet and sanitary areas

  • Small from $85
  • Medium from $95
  • Large to Extra Large from $120+

Additional Services

Ensure your pup is always looking their best.

  • Ears and eye stain clean – $10
  • Teeth Clean – $6 – Nail Trimming and or filing from $15
  • Flea Treatment fee from – $10
  • Anal glands from $15
Pricing Details
Our prices are based on a number of factors including their size.
If you have any questions, feel free to chat to one of the team before your groom.
We will contact you first for approval if extra work is required so there are no nasty surprises on pickup.
These prices are a guide only, actual prices are determined based on the time our Pet Stylist requires to complete their appointment.  It will be also based on their size, coat type and condition, behaviour and specific requirements.
(A surcharge of $15 per 30 minute increments applies).
Tiny – Chihuahua, Silky Terriers, Yorkshire Terriers
Small – Moodle, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Pomeranian & Bichon Frise
Medium – Cavoodle, Spoodle, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, Poodle, Japanese Spitz etc.
Large / Extra Large-  Border Collies, German Shepard, Golden Retrievers, Labrador, Labradoodle, Standard Poodles etc.
**Additional charges apply to:
Double coat, extra-long hair or matted hair**

Cat Grooming

We offer mobile Cat Grooming services please call for quote

  • Brush out, and nails -price starting from $90     (Short hair)
  • Brush out and nails -price starting from $120     (Long hair)
  • Full body clips short hair starting from $130
  • Full body clip style cut starting from $150