Friends With Fur | Keeping your dog happy and healthy
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Keeping your dog happy and healthy

happy and healthy dog with friends with fur

Keeping your dog happy and healthy

We think it’s so important to take every step you can to maintain the well-being of your pooch. Whether a new puppy or senior dog; providing your beloved canines basic care efforts can make a difference in their quality of life and overall longevity.

Here are a few of our favourite tips!


1. Exercise, Exercise and More Exercise

Exercise and play are the most important care efforts you can provide. Exercise isn’t only beneficial for health, it also helps your pup build confidence, explore their surrounding and supports your role as a leader. It can also help eliminate excess energy which can be vital in curbing unwanted behaviours.

2. Nutrition

Providing your dog the best nutrition is certainly not a one size fits all approach. You need to determine the specific nutritional requirements of your pet. Large breed puppies require diets to support extensive bone and joint development while senior canines can benefit from supplements for muscle tone and joint protection.

3. Regular Grooming

Whether short or long canine coats; grooming is necessary for optimum pet health. Trimming nails, combing through fur and keeping the eyes, nose and ears clean can prevent infection and complications.

Call on Friends with Fur to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy


From puppies to older pets, Friends with Fur in Brisbane Southside is your trusted grooming service dedicated to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Whether small or large, long or short hair, all pooches are welcome to experience our therapeutic grooming services.

We provide a variety of services from trimming nails to a complete wash and blow-dry, ensuring your dog is fresh and clean.

Simply contact Friends with Fur today for a pet spa experience unlike any other. 3393 9351

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